people who reblog things and dont tag anything. r u ok. r u alive. do u have any feelings. hello. 

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#I was tempted to reblog this with no tags just for the irony #but then I had to comment on how ironic it would be #so here are my tags hello I am ok and alive I have a feeling
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#spn tag required
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#ahoy personal post
Sun, 31st August
#ahoy personal post

also I still need to write that fic where Natalie Goodman ends up meeting Sam Winchester when she does go to college and they sit outside late at night comparing their shitty home lives

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#it sounds like a weird crossover but it would work I swear #and there are so many parallels okay #idk how much of an audience that would have but #hey #w/e #spn tag required #n2n

yes hello I just watched Next to Normal and I am wishing it didn’t cost me like 1372 energy points to write meta

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untitled | by: { Connor Mc Sheffrey }

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Lindis Pass, New Zealand | Aonlawon
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Oh, so John Winchester did the best he could? I think Jean Valjean, another paranoid trauma survivor raising a child whose mother is dead, would beg to differ.

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