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If you aren’t filled with love for Kyle Scatliffe I don’t know what you’re doing with your life

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“everyone has their off days” I tell myself 15 days in a row

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Architect and freelance illustrator Maja Wrońska  continues to amaze with her beautifully executed watercolor paintings of iconic cityscapes from around the world.

via Colossal

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also wow at the fact that I’ve been so bad at the homeworks today

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wow today was really kinda overwhelming I went to class and then spent three hours in the office for workstudy and then had an extra credit orienteering activity for my health and safety class which? apparently I am really good with a compass and map! a discovery which excites me! my shelter-building attempts were also praised! 

I really actually like these kinds of activities and if it weren’t for my stupid health problems I would try to do more, like, wilderness stuff. not least because it factors into all sorts of things I like to write. but also, it is at once challenging and peaceful. it gets my brain into a more settled, focused space. usually I have too many thoughts at once, but when there’s something both concrete and interesting like “which tree should we head towards in order to get to our next point on the map after turning a certain number of degrees” or “if it’s about to rain and the wind is coming from that direction, how would you create shelter right here with a sheet of plastic and some cords?” 

problem-solving is cool. abstracts are really cool but. problem-solving is great too. and it makes me feel good that I can do it, even if I’ve absorbed all my ideas about building shelters from assorted novels.

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So I was reading the driver’s manual and image

the Winchesters are screwed I mean how did they even pass the test

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